Im a mum of two – a girl and a baby boy. If your a parent whose reading this, you’ll know that nothing beats the feeling of being a mum (or dad). And whilst your sleep deprived and beyond exhausted at the end of each day, one smile or chuckle from your children makes you feel euphoric and somehow justifies all the hard work and effort. 

Being a mum is the single most difficult job I have ever done. I received zero training and no amount of guide books could have geared me up for what was in store. But along the way I basically got the knack of things and am proud of my parenting achievements. 

Yes I’ve had my fair share of the ups and downs, but funnily enough I’ve enjoyed every minute and wouldn’t change a single thing. Equally; the projectile vomits, poop stories and first smiles all make great memories to look back on. 

In starting this blog I’ve decided to share with you the tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way. I’d also like to remind you every once in a while that your doing Just Great. Who else can pull off a 24 hour shift, 7 days a week and still love their job? Only us, because were parents, and wherever we go we leave a little trail of Sparkles behind. 

So rejoice in your fabulousness and bathe in your glory because your awesome! 



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