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Travelling with Kids – 10 Top Tips

With the turn of Spring and the prospects of warmer weather, its time to get the planners out and choose a holiday destination. The first time I travelled abroad with a toddler entailed a one hour flight to Sweden for which my daughter spent the entire duration screaming. I’m sure... Read more

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Dining Out with an Allergic Child

My eldest child (now 7) was diagnosed with a food allergy at the age of 9 months. I recall a lovely day out shopping at Selfridges ending up at A&E of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. The offending item was a chocolate orange macaroon. I made the purchase while snooping... Read more

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Infant Colic and Fussy Eating

Dealing with colic is no fun business, and as a mum you mostly feel helpless in witnessing your baby crying inconsolably for hours at a time. Every child is different and will display a variation of symptoms. There is no lab test that could be conducted to aid in diagnosing... Read more

Top 5 Baby Must Haves When Out & About

  There are so many times that I need to pop out of the house for literally 15 minutes to run a quick errand i.e. post office, corner shops, collecting dry cleaning, the list goes on, but am immediately put off by all the hard work that goes into the... Read more