Top 5 Baby Must Haves When Out & About


There are so many times that I need to pop out of the house for literally 15 minutes to run a quick errand i.e. post office, corner shops, collecting dry cleaning, the list goes on, but am immediately put off by all the hard work that goes into the “prep” to leave with a baby. So, rather than lugging around the main nappy changing bag that weighs a ton of bricks, I’ve managed to fit all that I need in a handbag the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The items mentioned in the list below are literally the only thing I take out with me on short outings. I still do take these same items with me when were out for longer, but I either double the quantity or add a few other bits for good measure.
1. Baby Carrier – Lets face it, not every shop, cafe, or convenience store has the capacity to install isles that are wide enough for us mums to navigate a pushchair around with ease. I often found that the buggy was able to get into the isle but not go around the bend, so I’d have to pull out all my buggy driving skills while a bunch of people watched me attempting to squeeze a big buggy round a narrow corner..i’d finally resort to lifting the oh-so-heavy buggy whilst clutching the bag of bread with my teeth – not so glamorous! I finally invested in a baby carrier. Yes, they are pricey, but so worth it. I say invest, because thats exactly what you are doing. Its an investment in time and practicality. Especially for those precious short outings. The carrier we love is the baby Bjorn carrier. So easy to wear, and sturdy. This thing has been with me since baby was 1 month old and is still going strong. I wash it about three times a week and it has kept in an impeccable condition. Baby chews on it all the time – so also a great teether, but essentially, it gives you a handsfree, easy transportation method for your baby. You can rock, bounce, and snuggle with your baby whilst running your errands. Win, win, win.



2. Change of clothes and nappy – Reality is: babies poo all the time, especially when you least expect it so please don’t ever attempt to leave the house without a spare change of clothes and a nappy. I’d hate for you to experience sods law! Try this trick: grab 1 x baby grow, lay over it 1 x short body suit and finally 1 x nappy. Now roll into a sausage and tie up with a hairband. At the eventuality of needing to change baby, you can use the hairband to tie up your hair, then unwind the rest of the bundle and use what you need.


3. Baby toy/ rattle – Now, you may not have considered a toy as a must have, but this has been a Godsend! We use the Freddie the Firefly highchair toy by Lamaze and heres why: This is an all-in-one entertainment system with a fabulous suction pad on the bottom that allows it to cling onto surfaces and stay put!. My son is now 10 months old, so needs a fair mount of entertaining. If I’m sitting in a cafe with a friend or waiting in a queue at the post office and he decides that he’s had enough, I whip out Freddie and attach it to plastic or glass surfaces and baby is entertained for ages! Freddie swings back and forth when baby tugs, so it moves with him while firmly attached to the surface. It has a ball in the middle that spins and rattles, two top wings with shapes that move along, two bottom wings that scrunch and crunch, and two lower rings that spin. In addition to this, Freddie spins 360 degrees, is vibrantly coloured really cute to look at. The perfect distraction for baby to get on with while you tackle that coffee or finish off a chore.



4. Bottle or Snack – It is necessary to always be armed with a bottle if your bottle feeding or a snack if your child is tolerating solids. Babies are like adults, they get peckish when out. so even if you’ve just fed baby, always take something along in your bag “just in case”. A fed baby makes a happy baby.


5. Cash not Plastic – It is indeed 2017, and yes we should theoretically be able to ditch the cash and live on plastic. But what about when the plastic fails you: The chip and pin won’t work, the dreaded “your card has sadly declined”, and the frightful eventuality of “this shop takes only cash payments”. I’ve experienced all 3, so take it from me always be armed with some form of cash so that your be it minimal “prep” to go out doesn’t go to waste.  



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